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Trademark Maintenance and Renewals

The WebTMS Trademark Management System contains an extensive database of rules for the maintenance and renewal of trademark registrations worldwide. The rules are maintained by WebTMS Ltd from information provided by trademark experts in each jurisdiction.

We would like to invite you to review the rules for the jurisdictions in which you practice, and to confirm that the information in our database is accurate, or to make any necessary corrections or amendments.  

bulletSelect your jurisdiction

Enter the initial letter of the country, then use the down key to scroll through the list. Highlight the country then click "Search"

You may also use the database to check the renewal rule in any other country.

Thank you for your assistance. All firms participating will receive a special listing in the Experts' Directory.  - WebTMS name, trademark and software L. Stevenson 1998-2016. Exclusively licensed to Intellectual Property Online Ltd. and WebTMS Ltd.